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Coping with Grief

"Everybody grieves in their own special way.

The relationship most people share with their animal companion is profoundly significant and deep, and is usually characterised by a unique, loving bond.

The grief suffered by those who lose an animal member of their family is often not fully understood or even recognised by others in our society. Indeed, sometimes it can even take us by suprise - with strong emotions of pain, and sometimes guilt, especially if the difficult decision to euthanase had to be made.

Keep in mind that even other pet owners may not have been so fortunate to experience the type of bond that you have had with your friend.Others often don't realise just how strong that bond actually is until facing their last days together.

Allow yourself to grieve with the understanding that it is a completely natural and normal responce.

Take comfort in the knowledge that the grief you feel now is because of that great unconditional love, joy and companionship that you were priveledged to enjoy during your time together. Most people get through their grief given time and support from compassionate family and friens, while for others seeking professional help is wothwhile.

If you feel overwhelmed or unable to cope with your sorrow, please ask for help from your doctor, consellors or veterinary professionals.

It is best not to set a time limit for healing."

 - Dr Emma Whiston BVSc (Hons) from Eden Hills