Dogs have a cruciate ligament in both of their knees. This ligament keeps the joint stable by preventing back and forward movement. Unfortunately, we see some dogs in the clinic after they have ruptured this ligament. The good news is that the ligament can be repaired with surgery. Without the surgery dogs develop painful arthritis which can impact their quality of life.

Cruciate ligament rupture is common in large breed dogs, but we see the disease in many small breed dogs also. Rupture of the ligament may be complete or partial. Most cases need to be diagnosed with the assistance of x-rays under sedation. Symptoms may be seen as a sudden or gradual onset lameness in either hind leg. Our Vets can perform a thorough assessment to determine the cause and whether you dog may be eligible for surgery.

At Emerald Vet Clinic two types of surgeries can be performed:

1) De Angelis Surgery: this involves placing a prosthetic ligament which acts as a new cruciate ligament. This surgery is recommended for our small breed dogs who are less than 2kg.

2) TPLO/TWO: this surgery requires a more skilled surgeon and is generally recommended in our dogs which are heavier that 20kg.

Both procedures have an aftercare period of 8-12 weeks, but when done correctly your pet can return to normal function. 

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