Dentistry is one of the other very common procedures that we perform at Emerald Veterinary Clinic. All our dentals are performed under a general anaesthesia, which allows proper and thorough examination of the teeth and all of the mouth’s structures – without any stress or pain to the animal (let’s be honest, not many people enjoy visiting the dentist!!).

Our dental procedures include mouth charting, oral x-rays, full scale and polish and thorough pain relief including nerve blocks for extractions. Emerald Vet Clinic utilises an up to date dental machine and our vets have the most recent knowledge in dental health.


Dentistry is a very important aspect of our pet’s welfare. Sometimes a tooth that may look healthy above the gum may not necessarily be healthy below the gum. Dental disease can cause chronic pain, reduced appetite, bad breath, irritability and can even have severe and life-threatening effects on heart, kidney and liver health.


Emerald Vet Clinic offers free dental checks  for animals, where a vet can have a look at your pets’ mouth and assess whether a dental may or may not be required and give you tips on how to keep your pets pearly whites sparkling!