Preventative health

Free Puppy and Kitten Checks

We love seeing your new fluffy companion. Bring them in for a free health check and our Vets can help answer all you burning questions about toilet training, vaccination, worming, feeding and general health. Ask us about our puppy school while your in the clinic and we can sign up your pet to classes where they will start to learn some basic training nad make lots of new friends.


It is important to keep our dogs, cats and rabbits up to date with their vaccinations. This prevents them from getting nasty viruses which can make them unwell. Our friendly Vets will perform a full health check of your pet before administering any vaccinations.

Cats: F3 vaccination which includes feline calcivirus, feline panleukopaenia virus, herpesvirus

Dogs: C5 vaccination which includes distemper virus, parvovirus, hepatitis virus, Bordetella bronchiseptica and parainfluenza virus

Rabbits which include calicivirus.


Our Vets perform a full health check during all consultations. If you have any concerns regarding your pets health you should call the clinic. Our Vets commonly see pets for concerns with ear infections, eye issues, vomiting and diarrhoea, lameness exams for young limping animals and older arthritic animals, skin rashes and scratching, lumps and bumps and all other health issues which may arise in your pet. We can provide the best and most comprehensive advice for your pets health and wellbeing.

Parasite Control

All animals should be wormed regularly. Without worming medications you pet can become very unwell. Two types of worming prevention are important:

  1. Intestinal worming – treatment requires an oral tablet which kills any worms in the intestinal tract.
  2. Heartworm – this can be provided in a monthly treatment, such as Advocate, or as an annual injection given by one of our Vets.


It is essential to have your pet michrochipped. this is not only a government rule but is essential to help locate your pet should they ever go missing. Microchips provide proof of ownership should they be so cheeky to get out from your backyard! If your new puppy or kitten is not already microchipped when they come home you should ensure to have a Vet microchip them as soon as possible!

Weight Management

Obesity is becoming more common in our pets. Many of our patients come in carrying a little bit extra Winter weight! Obesity can lead to many metablic disease such as liver disease and can also affect the health of their joints. Old arthritic animals will experience less discomfort by simply losing weight down to a healthy range. If you are struggling with weight loss in your pets please call the clinic or come speak to our Vets as there are a number of weight loss dry food we can recommend.

Dental Care

Dental disease is very common in all the animals we see. Many owners notice smelly breath when their pets are coming in for a cuddle! Larger dogs commonly fracture their teeth chewing on stones, wood and bones which may become infected and require removal. Our smaller dogs have more crowded mouths so their teeth are prone to plaque accumulation. This plaque is full of bacteria and once on the teeth can spread into the bone to create wobbly painful teeth.

Cats can also develop dental disease which can be seen as red inflamed gums around plaque covered teeth. Cats with dental disease can have very painful teeth without us realising. 

At the clinic our Vets can talk to you about preventative care to ensure our pets teeth can be healthy and dental cleanings under general anaesthetic for animals which are affected.

Senior Health

Our pets become so important to us as they get older. We recommend we see your older pets for a full health check. Our Vets can check them from nose to tail. As our older animals age their joints can become arthritic and sore. There are many treatments which can improve the quality of life of your pets. Our Vets may recommmend a full bloods check of their kidneys, liver, thyroid and red and white blood cells which can all change as our pets get older.

Ear Health

Many of our dogs can get sore and painful ears after they develop an infection. This is especially common in a floppy hairy eared dogs, such as Poodles and Spaniels. Ear infections are very common in our pets which ove to swim. This warning goes out to all the Golden Retrievers, Labradors and Kelpies! If you notice your pet scratching their ears or shaking their head please come in to see one of our Vets. After being treated with an anti-bacterial ear ointment they may need an ear cleaner to maintain the ears in a healthy state.

Skin Disease

Many of our pets experience very itchy skin. This may be due to something as simple as a fleas, however, some animals experience skin allergies to pollens or materials in their environment. Our Vets have access to a number of medications and treatments which can control the itch and relieve your pets discomfort.